Summer Updates

The Highlander's PrizeHello everyone!

Summer has arrived! I’m writing a fourth installment to the Highlanders. This one will feature Sear MacLeod, you might recall him from THE TROUBLE WITH HIGHLANDERS. It’s also going to feature Nareen Grant, whom you met in THE HIGHLANDER’S PRIZE.

How to Handle a HighlanderComing at you in November is HOW TO HANDLE A HIGHLANDER. This is Gahan Sutherland. I will be attending Lora Leigh’s Reader Appreciation Weekend, RAW. This is a very fair priced event, so check it out.

I have a new Highlander saga on my editor’s desk. I’ll let you know when I hear about that. Also, in Spring I will be launching a set of very erotic titles under my ‘Dawn Ryder’ pen name. She’s my naughty inner child.

Dream ShadowMy very first book, DREAM SHADOW has rereleased. It’s been given some polish and I am excited to say there will be new titles coming your way.

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Mary Wine

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