Between a Highlander and a Hard Place

Between a Highlander and a Hard Place

Highland Weddings, Book 5
Sourcebooks Casablanca (October 30, 2018)
ISBN-13: 9781492655541 ♦ ISBN-10: 1492655546

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A fierce Englishwoman on the run
A Highland Laird who needs a proper wife
And a desire neither can resist

Athena Trappes thinks she’s in love…until she discovers the scoundrel only wanted her as his bit on the side. Enraged, she does what any spirited Englishwoman would do: set fire to his belongings, incur his dangerous wrath, and flee—immediately. With nowhere else to turn, she seeks freedom in the wilds of Scotland.

Highland Laird Symon Grant lost his wife years ago, and it’s his duty to find another. Athena is not exactly what the clan has in mind for him, but Symon’s heart burns with unexpected passion for the woman who would risk everything to be free.

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Between a Highlander and a Hard Place

“Athena, come now.” Her uncle had opened the door to the priest hole. He reached inside and drew her out. “We’ve things to accomplish before dawn.”

“Did you see the sheriff?”

Henry shook his head. “There is little point. The man is in Galwell’s pay. I will need time to contact men who can keep him from blackening my name. Until I can, you must be hidden away.”

Her uncle took her through the room and into the kitchen. He pressed her into the corner where the bathing tub was tipped up against the wall and the window shutters closed. There was light from the coals in the hearth.

“I have made arrangement for you to travel with Myles Basset. He’s a young man trying to make his mark in the world by traveling to markets in Scotland.”

“Scotland?” she gasped.

Her uncle nodded, taking up a bag that was sitting on the kitchen table. He dumped the contents out.

“I must send you beyond the Scrope family’s reach until I can arrange a meeting with the lord of London. It will take several weeks. Galwell will have you broken and installed as his mistress long before that if you remain here.” Henry looked at her, his face solemn. “He is the worst sort of man. One with family ties that will make others turn a blind eye to his dealings.”

“I am sorry, Uncle,” she murmured, feeling as though there was no escape. “Perhaps I…should…” She couldn’t force the words past the rising bile in her throat.

“You shall not bend to his whim.”

Henry was a mild man. Yet she heard the heat in his tone. He pointed a finger at her. “You shall never suffer the fate my sister did. I swore it before God on the night she died beneath this roof. Your father deserted her when you were born female and begged his way back into the good graces of his noble family. I took you as my own, and thank God your worthless father died before siring any of the sons he longed for. Sons he would have raised up to be exactly like Galwell. Black-hearted.”

“You never told me…”

Henry shook his head. “It was not your sin. My sister was as beautiful as you and just as much of a phoenix. You are as powerful as you are fair. It was her curse, and fate seems to have made it yours as well. Know this: I will keep my word, and I will enjoy knowing Galwell shall not have you. Now.” He held up a pair of breeches. “You will travel as a boy.”

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