Reviews – Let Me Love You

Jennifer — CK2 Kwips and Kritiques
Mary Wine’s writing is absolutely stellar. She infuses her story effortlessly with all the elements necessary to draw her readers in to the story from the very first chapter – danger, romance, suspense, and a just the right amount of sensual heat. Setting this story in the Old West could prove tricky for some authors, but Wine proves her mettle with period pieces easily, peppering the tale with small details from that time that serve to flesh out her world perfectly.
If you enjoy historical westerns with a lot of romance and a bit of suspense, you will not want to miss Let Me Love You! I know I will keep this one close so I can revisit Sloan and Brianna whenever the mood strikes me!


Rachelle — Fallen Angel Reviews
Picture a large grin and warm fuzzy feelings!! That is how I felt while reading this historical treasure from Mary Wine. Let Me Love You was a sweet and special story that just made me feel good while reading it. I love western historicals with what I consider to be real men. Men of principle and of worth, good morals but who also have a rough side to them so they aren’t pushovers for the next criminal that comes through looking for an easy prey. Ms. Wine did a great job of making Sloan and Brianna, a likeable couple, who understood the joy that the sharing of bodies can bring but still held an innocent quality that is sorely missed. So for anyone eyeing this treasure, all I can say is this is a great story and you will definitely miss out if you pass it by.

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